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Here you will find public and protected Terraria servers hosted by the Terraria community and fans. You can add and share your own Terraria server for free! Your Terraria server will appear at the top of server list after it has been added. If you want to manage your server from the web, register here!

Terraria Legends [AncientGods] [1.2.2]
  • host:
  • port: 7777

U.S Dedicated Server - World DB Started 22/10/2013 - Updated 1.2.2 - Halloween, Xmas, Dungeons and more - Server Side Character !
World DB ReStarted 17/01/2014 to give every player a Great and Fair Chance to Become one of the First Top Legends !!  
- New Chars only, SSC, AutoChest…
Max Players: 30 Visit Server Website
Another Terraria Server
  • host:
  • port: 7777

TShock • Member System • Economy (Soon) • Regenerating World (Coming soon)SSC • House Protection • Dedicated • 10 SlotsIncreased Difficulty • Chest Protection • Hardmode • Mob/Boss Arena (Coming soon)Another Terraria Server is looking for people to explore the new world of are running Expert Mode with Server Side Characters enabled and increased difficulty! Everyone is welcome!
Max Players: 10 Visit Server Website
Hysteria RPG
  • host:
  • port: 7777
  • pass:
Hysteria is a SSC Server. You CANNOT bring in your personal items.
Players all start from a certain point and have to earn their way up by fighting monsters, looting homes, fighting bosses and exploring the depths.

Max Players: 69 Visit Server Website
  • host:
  • port: 7777
Dedicated Server, New Characters, Expert, Large Map, No Password

Come on in and have some fun. Just the vanilla game, no mods or crazy rules/classes/ranking/etc.
Just straight Terraria for some straight fun. Please no hackers/cheaters/blah blah blah. You kow the drill, let's just keep it civil and fun,

Max Players: 24
Prueba uno
  • host:
  • port: 7777
Max Players: 8
  • host:
  • port: 7775

Welcome to ShadowRain!

Basic Information:

Discord -
Website - shadowrain.netStore -
Vote -

Max Players: 120 Visit Server Website
Dark Gaming's - Dark World Terraria
  • host:
  • port: 7777
Dark Gaming was created somewhere in the beginning of 2012.

- A whole new PvP: Custom weapon damage, allowing even pre-hardmode weapons to pack a punch
- Free Items
- Dimensions, allowing you to switch between Items, PvE, PvP and Zombies
- A lot of custom engineered features
- Abstract Web-Based Trading System to customize…
Max Players: 70 Visit Server Website
boss fights
  • host:
  • port: 7777
fight bosses
Max Players: 8
Jupiter Free Build / PVP
  • host:
  • port: 7777
Jupiter: A Public Free Build / PvP Terraria Server
Port: 7777

Jupiter Server Forum:

Max Players: 64 Visit Server Website
Novux [server in stasis]
  • host:
  • port: 7777
Max Players: 50 Visit Server Website

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