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Jay-net server is an advanced server with many interesting features on it. Our website lets you check the status of the server, see who's online, what rank the players are and you can even give yourself items!. We also have an automatic ranking system!

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Recent Comments

Thank you for macking this server

by Anonymouse on 03-27-2014

Nice srver, shame people dislike it for no reason 10/10
by Anonymouse on 03-19-2014

Best server where u could join,here u can construct your dream house,enjoy with friends,pvp,pve and u have free build.This server capture u in and u wont never leave it.The admins always help u and resolv problems and take care of bad ppl.PLS,come here and join  the party.

by coldwind81 on 02-26-2014

Best server ever!!!!

by Anonymouse on 02-20-2014

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