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Last Online August, 18 2019 This server has been offline for more then two weeks and is no longer being actively scanned by tserverweb.com. The server owner can login to fix this.

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Recent Comments

Lovely server and nice staff. You should visit it!
by Anonymouse on 06-11-2014

Very nice server. I love it. Staff is always gentle.

by Anonymouse on 06-10-2014

Love this server sooo much!
by Anonymouse on 05-28-2014

These guys made it so welcoming for me here on this server. The staff are great and the people in general are really kind. I would miss it all if I ever left and I don't plan on leaving anytime soon. This is where I've made some memories and I'd suggest this to any Terraria player. I love this server! 
by Anonymouse on 05-26-2014

Thank you for macking this server

by Anonymouse on 03-27-2014

Nice srver, shame people dislike it for no reason 10/10
by Anonymouse on 03-19-2014

Best server where u could join,here u can construct your dream house,enjoy with friends,pvp,pve and u have free build.This server capture u in and u wont never leave it.The admins always help u and resolv problems and take care of bad ppl.PLS,come here and join  the party.

by coldwind81 on 02-26-2014

Best server ever!!!!

by Anonymouse on 02-20-2014

Best server ever!!!!

by Anonymouse on 02-20-2014

waiting for update ;D
by Sharks on 02-19-2014

Omg, join this server and you will never leave o.o
by Anonymous on 02-16-2014

I love this server!!!
by N00bPwnz21 on 02-16-2014

by Crafter003 on 02-16-2014

Command Page for Jay-net is here! :) Hopefully most of the commands are on here, It's a pain to keep it up to date :P 

Ofcourse you dont have to read it through, but it is handy to lookup some commands etc =P 

Link: http://jay-net.dyndns.org/Terraria/?p=commands

by Jay-Net Jay on 02-13-2014

We are working on the website and it should be up soon. We're adding features that some people struggle with in-game, such as, a web page to give yourself items.

Also being added is Jays home brew Web Chat, which people love. (We believe its better than IRC as command functionality will be added.)

Thanks for listening to me ramble :)

by Jay-Net Jay on 10-27-2013

We just posted this server, Like Appreciated! :)
by Jay-net Thomas on 10-27-2013

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