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Dark Gaming's - Dark World Terraria


Last Online September, 21 2016 This server has been offline for more then two weeks and is no longer being actively scanned by tserverweb.com. The server owner can login to fix this.
Welcome to Dark Gaming; where Innovation is just around the corner. Try, Compete and Conquer in the biggest, the most innovative and the best take on a Trading System to date. The world of Terraria as you knew it has just gotten better. Take your chances today at The Trading System

What makes our server so special?
Our web-based Trading System that utilizes not only the best economy and stats plugins, but combines them with a truly unique and innovative Trading System that boasts unique customization, conflict and contingency. Think being a merchant in Terraria was fun? Now try to become the best merchant in our Terraria-based Trading System!

Further, our Trading System wraps itself around an extension; Clans (or Factions, or Guilds). You can now hold an empire and follow your Clan into the greatest Terrarian battle of the century!

The Best Anti-Grief System
The History plugin combined with our advanced grief detection and steam-based banning system pulls the final straw on our griefing foes; No longer shall we bow down to their evil rule.

Thanks everybody!
-Popstarfreas, server owner

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Recent Comments

Also staffs are really fair, so don't disrespect them. They are the developer or chosen friend. They only ban you when you cheat or be inappropriate commentary. Lastly, The master of this game should earn a metal for god of all weopons and armory and pets and crafting material. Still in w.i.p
by Jawstankjake2 on 12-03-2015

Best game, i wish i could give you more likes than i play cookie clicker. Also having the most newly gear (Meowere) and having to have the gears with the most damage and armory. Although its still in W.I.P ill wait patiently for new gear to come.
by Jawstankjake2 on 12-03-2015

great server I can tell a lot of work went into it. Join it,my favriot server :D

by frog on 08-06-2015

this is a great server but it takes a look time to join


by ian johnson on 07-22-2015

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