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Skeleton King's Tomb


Welcome to the World of the Skeleton King's Tomb you have set out on a new Adventure to defeat the Legendary Skeleton King in this First Ever, completely Server side RPG.


- Leveling system with over 160 Unique levels and 16 New Classes
- New Housing distracts plugin includes player item shops.
- Custom Dungeons that are designed to be visually interesting and very challenging
- Custom Quests that allow you to explore the story of the Server.
- New Parties system Allowing you to create and manage your own Parties to adventure on quests or take down that evil Boss.
- Custom Bosses and Custom Monsters, New and challenging Monster and loot changes.

Coming Soon

- Custom Crafting and Custom Weapons, brand new crafting system to allow you to craft ultimate weapons.


/register (registers your account with the password you set)
/login (login to your registered account)

/quest (allows you to accept or abort quests)
/party (allows you to create or leave party's)

Feel Free to join our discord at


Coming Soon...

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