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Skeleton King's Tomb


Adventure to the Successor of Celestial star Valley, The Complete RPG Server "Sketelon King's Tomb"
Where you will Ensure the safety of this fresh new land Filled with Customized Loot drops, Monsters and Quests.

Every Single Monster in terraria has been rebalanced and loot has been changed, Cheating is very easy to detect with this change, most items rnare impossible to obtain other then though fighting Special Monsters or Doing Quests.


Custom Invasions - 10 different Invasions never before seen.
Custom Monsters - 3000+ Monsters.
Custom Quests - 250+ Unique quests never before seen!

Rpg Class System with over 100 level's Implemented. (not forced if you do not want to use classes your welcome to just play)

The Tomb of the Skeleton King with hardmode monsters.

Coming Soon

Custom Weapons and Custom Achivements.

-- Lore --

Skeleton King's Tomb taints the world, You adventurer have been summoned to save the world and must complete tasks to weaken the evil that awaits for you inside the Tomb of the Skeleton King.

Coming Soon...

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