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Welcome to the the Terraform Server!
Terraform is an awesome Terraria server made to give players a chill, fun and interactive experience! 
The Terraform server uses tShock and runs 24/7. It's filled with plugins that will ensure that your builds and chests are safe from other players. Not only that, but we also try to give players as many freedoms as reasonably possible.
The server is FreeBuild which means that once you register, you are able to go out and build whatever you feel like. However, if that doesn't interest you, you can also fight bosses and PvP!
If all this sounds like a good time for you then perhaps you should come log on. We'd be happy to have you around! It's gonna rip 'n' dip!

Coming Soon...

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Recent Comments

I was the 10,000 vote.
by PigUpYourNose on 05-26-2015

Yay! by Simon311 (server staff)

this server is the the best I even became bestdriend with someone 
by atonix on 03-21-2015

Is Dev Patch/tUnlocker Allowed
by TrantedFox on 12-26-2014

Sorry, no. by Simon311 (server staff)

can i summon mobs here ang build 

by Anonymouse on 09-29-2014

Yes, after registering and logging in you can summon some bosses (/smboss eye, /smboss king, /tsboss) and of course build in unprotected areas.
by Simon311 (server staff)

Most cool server ever

by summoner on 09-03-2014

Thanks! by Simon311 (server staff)


by Anonymouse on 09-01-2014

B4 i absolute love your sever im on it every day and i hope you can keep upgrading it<3 
by GallahaM8 on 07-31-2014

this is one of the best servers ever

you guys rule!!!!  



by seb mc on 12-23-2013

This server is Lefko Approved.
by Lefko on 11-22-2013

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