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WhunderWORLD ~ Dig it!


+ Well maintained and frequently updated map!
+ Tshock based and highly customized server!
+ Always Online! (99% of the time, it's online all the time...)
+ Dedicated members and admin!
+ More than you've come to expect from Terraria!
+ Extensive "Credit" based ranking system!
+ The only thing missing is you! Join us!

Remember: You can pick your friends and you can pick your blocks, but you shouldn't picksaw your friends blocks!

WW Luvs Tshock

Coming Soon...

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Favorite Server Ever!
by Turtleboi on 11-22-2017

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by MaikelF on 01-09-2017

When will do you guys think when the server goes back up...?
by Anonymous on 12-01-2016

One of the Greatest Terraria Severs For a Long Time

by Jim..... on 02-03-2015

So many thankies! by IamUSER (server staff)

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