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L6D Community Server provides exceptional Classic Survival of Terraria on a multiplayer platform. We enforce Server-Sided inventory to make the experience safe and non-exploitable as possible.


Our system is designed to use special features like World Regeneration, Housing Districts, and Safe Zones so that you can still progress through the game without losing too much of your inventory. We provide an authentic Vanilla Survival Experience!

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Recent Comments

How do I join on my iPad
by Snakeye102 on 03-11-2016

Use multiplayer option and join via IP.

by Marcus101RR (server staff)

How many times do you have to vote in order become a voter?
by L6D User Lavenderghostteevee on 02-27-2016

15 Votes is required.

by Marcus101RR (server staff)

I'm using my pass and m registered but whenever I do /login <password>
it say invalid password and its the correct pass.

by Nova on 02-13-2016

You obviously forgot your password, use /recover to obtain a new password for your account. You must have an email associated with that account. by Marcus101RR (server staff)

has anyone seen Claire?

by Optic on 01-22-2016

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