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Welcome to Teeria Legends - A stranger's Adventure

What do we provide as a service?
We provide a fast and reliable service with a solid up-time percentage. We strive to be one of the best Terraria® multiplayer providers on the market. Our development team works hard and efficient to introduce new features, prevent our services from stalling and keeping our services up-to-date with the latest version of the game.

Within our network you are able to quickly switch and log between different types of servers without having to completely relog into the game from the menu. Thanks to the Dimensions® system, our network is safe & secure to be played on. We make sure that any type of exploits, game-breaking issues, network attacks or cheat/bad-sport remains hidden behind locked doors.

What can I find within your network?
By entering through our network, you will have a variety of servers to choose from. This includes our ´Adventure´ type of play-style server as well as our ´Free Items´ play-style server. We also occasionally partner up with other servers and allow their services to be ran on our network which can also be easily accessed from our network.

How do I get started?
Once you´ve successfully filled in our server´s IP and PORT and have connected to the game-server you will be prompted to our ´lobby´. Within the lobby you can pick from a variety of servers by either entering one of the doors provided to you or by simply filling out a command. If you have any issues regarding to joining our server, please contact us on our Discord server.

What is the ´Adventure´ server?
This server allows you to join with your current Terraria® character, however you are disallowed from using your own inventory contents on this server. Your inventory will be wiped upon entering the server. Do not be afraid as this is server-sided, your inventory contents still remain in your single-player world. After the registration has been completed, you will be greeted to a whole new type of Terraria® experience.

Once you´ve successfully complete the tutorial you are free to do whatever you desire within the boundaries of our terms. Though in this server, almost every item is limited to a certain class and/or a certain level. This must first be achieved before you are able to use said item(s). Starting off in this new type of environment can be rough, we highly suggest you play the game normally and reading all information to you before proceeding to prevent yourself from getting stuck.

We provide multiple of monster arena´s which allow you to gain levels more easily and quicker than by just finding every monster in the game as well as Expert mode on every Thursday of the week which will boost your currency gain by a great marge. Do not hesitate to ask other players or staff questions regarding anything that our services provide. Knowing is living.

What is the ´Free Item´ server?
This server allows you to join with your current Terraria® character as well as it´s inventory contents. On this server you can gain every type of item that is available in the game as a sprite and know itemID. You can easily gather all these items in our chests which refill automatically, the resources are endless. Additionally you are free to build, break, defeat monsters or fight against other players in player-versus-player. Registration is not required to play on this server, although to use most features you are requests to do so.

If this is not the type of game-play for you, we highly suggest trying out other servers that are listed on the website. There is a lot more to explore than just our network.

A new Terraria® experience awaits you within this abriant omniverse, we´ll see you on the other side!

Our server uses hosting services provided by GameServerKings.com

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Recent Comments

i love the thing where you can vote for gems its amazing  its the best server ever:):)

by atomdestroyer5 on 11-26-2016

Yolo best server

by Malace on 05-21-2016

Best server ever

by Anonymous on 12-16-2015

i love this server <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Brendan Crowell on 09-23-2015

As a Staff member of Teeria Legends I am Proud that The server has reached #1 on terraria-servers.com and #1 most popular server on tserverweb.com  I think this is a great achievement that has been made and hope to be a part of the teerian community for days to come I wish OFF the best of wishes ~Shadowking

by Shadowking on 06-06-2015


by zXNanLuo123zX on 05-27-2015

Dear most valuable person,THIS IS THE BEST SERVER EVER


by PartyKiller on 05-16-2015

Amazing server i like it i love i play it every day i vote every day

by kalvin47 on 05-03-2015

Hey server staff if u read this comment i will say to u all good server and congratulacions couse of making it =)
by KIM (level 97) on 04-26-2015

cool server dudes (my server name is KIM)
by KIM(level 97) on 04-26-2015

i love this server so much it is awsome!!!!
by Naultboys on 04-16-2015

You know, this is my favorite server ever so far. And every day I come to vote, but when i vote here, I do not get my gems can someone pls help me out here
by Shadow Reborn Again on 04-15-2015

Best server ever

by Anonymous on 04-05-2015

This is just amazing how'd they make this "godlike" server, everyday i log in to vote, everyday i get amazed by how amazing this server is.

by JulianBACON on 03-19-2015



by XxX_Man_XxX on 02-13-2015


by Anonymouse on 12-31-2014

best server ever


by willson 2 on 12-24-2014

wow, awesome post.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.
by PorstKt on 10-15-2014

;) by Neusaap (server staff)

by Sammytheminer321 on 10-12-2014

Yeah, it sure is :)! by Neusaap (server staff)

This server is good, i love the /warp ge, kits, pvp, and regenerating world below 400 feet

P.S Gamercon, your comment is a bit offensive

by A terraria player on 09-21-2014

Thank you for your kind comment! by Neusaap (server staff)

Best Server Ever

by Serverslayor on 07-10-2014

Thanks a lot :)! by Neusaap (server staff)

This Server  Is


                         IM LEVEL 18

by TheLegendBeast50 on 04-23-2014

This iS epic Every Time I vote THIS IS AWSOME!
by $Epic$ on 04-20-2014

this was the first time i logged into a server, but i had nothing and i was frozen and i had nothing. when playing single player i had full titanium.
by Anonymouse on 04-18-2014

Because our server is SSC (server sided inventory) You will NOT be able to use your singleplayer items and vise versa. by Neusaap (server staff)

This is a amazing server I play on everyday but can you add this one thing?

Could there be a BIGGER mobarena?Thank you and Goodbye.

by ToothHD on 04-10-2014

Fucking amazing server.

by Cloud on 04-05-2014

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