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Adventure Terraria Server Project


Looking for an adventure? Look no further!
We're a community Terraria server, dedicated to its players and their enjoyment of the game!
  • Survival/PVE aspects, we prefer the nicer kind of gameplay
  • Server Side Characters (SSC). All characters are stored on the server. We do not tolerate hacked characters or items.
  • Professionally hosted, online 24/7, no Hamachi or other software required; simply enter the IP to begin
  • Fresh map every week at Saturday. Don't worry! You can take your items AND your house with you to the next world! Also, do not miss the unleashed hell when the life of one of our worlds nears its end!
  • Also, take part in our unique custom dungeon system! Accept the challenge and beat our Portal Dungeon, Water Temple and Rat Lab!
  • Events and custom environments every so often to add a little extra fun
  • Advanced Circuits support which allows you to integrate fancy automation in your builds. You may also build really evil traps aswell!
  • Anti-grief/cheat plugins and rules to maximize enjoyment on the server
  • Mature, adult and friendly staff who can provide fast and effective assistance
Note that character inventories are Server Sided, meaning you will not be able to transfer items from other servers or singleplayer to us. All items must be acquired from our server only. We do not tolerate spawning items in any manner and punishment will be immediate and severe.
Fair play is important to us

Server IP: yamahi.eu
Port: 7878

Other Information
More information can be found on our forums and website. For troubleshooting our forums are a great place to start, many of your questions have very likely already been answered.

Hope to see you soon on our server!

Server Details
  • Terraria IP and Port: yamahi.eu:7878
  • Discord Chat
  • Visit our website and forum for detailed information
  • Please do not forget to read our rules before joining

We have a variety of modded and customized plugins on the server, join and check out our unique features!
Beginners Guide

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Recent Comments

This server has nice staff's, perfect community, and i loved that truly expert survival feeling. I got banned, because a bug, but i recommend everyone to play with it.
by Keszi on 04-20-2021

gud server lmao
by LegendarySkorpion on 01-31-2021

I have tried many servers, but this one is the best.

The server is expert survival

by Viola998 on 04-19-2020

''this server is a good place to start with multiplayer, they have really nice players and they care for eachother, im really impressed.'' 10/10


by TerrarianServerReviews on 08-26-2019

Very good server. Stable connection, staff is almost always online and available, and practically always helpful, has its own discord channel, new world every week with possibility to save your house, persistent server-side inventory with enforcement of standard progression, and generally nice community. I recommend. I am happy to have logged in after a few years and found it in the very same great state I left it in.
I am Tony Stark and this is my favorite server.

by Tony Stark on 07-17-2018

This server has a Great Community, Friendly Staff, and Awesom Players. After playing on it for a few weeks, I no longer wish to play on Single Player.

If your looking for a good multiplayer experience, look no further than here!

by AkeYamni53 on 03-16-2017

So awesome it would make you play it for an infinite time. Highly recommend it to players!

by Onebuddy on 10-27-2016

I love this server and it's community. 10/10 would recommend this server for people who love Terraria and want a fun community to play with.
by Demonic Despot on 04-01-2016

Awesome server but I am trying to donate and the website will not load, is it having maintenance or is it my browser? I am in the US,  Thanks! (yamahi.eu)
by skullfire88 on 02-14-2016

Hey, thanks. I just tried the donation-link and it is working for sure. Maybe try again.
by Yamai (server staff)

Awesome players :D
SSI makes everything moar awesome >:3
by MechanicalKnight on 03-12-2014

Best server ever!

Friendly staff,apocalypse,great plugins,Ect..

by BloodMoon on 01-12-2014

This is a great server and I was wondering if you could tell me how to setup a server like this one :D
by Michael Edge on 01-08-2014

Pretty awesome server, SSI makes it a fun experience! :)
by MechanicalKnight on 01-06-2014

oh yeah and I love this server 10/10
by seb on 09-18-2013

great server and climax I lost my seb account so my new one is seb 2
by Seb on 09-18-2013

Don't trust the banner that says offline. This really great server is 24/7 online!! Except for a few mins when world is resetting of course.
by Anonymouse on 09-16-2013

8/10 would sleep with again.
by Turtle on 07-31-2013

This server has very respectable staff and intelligent custom plugins. Good server!
by Antagonist on 07-05-2013

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