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Ghoztcraft Terraria Playground [Free Item Server]


This is the Terraria server for the Ghoztcraft gaming community. The server is mostly lag free and not moderated! Users have access to commands to spawn mobs, units, and other fun stuff. A "do whatever you want" server!

You are welcome to use hacks or hacked clients here. Please do not annoy other players.

You can connect with: t.ghoztcraft.net

Please don't block our adverts, TServerWeb is free to use but we have servers to pay for too!

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Recent Comments


by THE GOLDEN KING on 04-28-2019


by CatHack88 on 03-16-2019

Ummmmm why is it not working WHATS HAPPENING wait am I clickbait

by CatHack88 on 03-16-2019

lol sometimes the server crashes and needs to be restarted
by XGhozt (server staff)

can you update to 1.3.5?
by Anonymous on 04-20-2017

sup my peoples I was just needing to know why the server has shut down? I'll donate how ever much it takes to get this server back and running because you guys are better then shadowrain and please message me what's going on at terrariawanderer@Gmail.com
by Terraria Wanderer on 04-08-2017

Just being lazy, you anyone can comment here to get my attention. :) by XGhozt (server staff)

Cant connect

by wixa on 12-16-2016

server seems to be down.

by Anonymous on 12-04-2016

Thanks for letting me know, it's fixed now. by XGhozt (server staff)

All i wanted was a rill continent unit but...12 moon lords said different best server ever!!
by landon 1 on 08-10-2016

How do I join servers 

by lollipop killer man on 07-25-2016

just.... click.. join?
by XGhozt (server staff)

Nice server m8 even if I sometimes can't connect

by TGLPlays on 06-24-2016

Dammit a server that finally works and it's 
by Anonymous on 05-22-2016

how do I spawn the Lunatic Cultist, Duke Fishron, and Moon Lord?
by Anonymous on 05-19-2016

Exactly like some other people said can you please run it 24/7 it would be great if you could
by Terraria Lover 55 on 05-16-2016

Sometimes the server is online but it has crashed so no one can connect. You will just have to wait until I notice it's crashed and try again later. :(
by XGhozt (server staff)

Hey, I always try to connect between 10AM to 7PM, everyday, like it said on the site. But I never get on...

Why is this?

by BlackWing on 07-23-2015

Been hard to get a server online with all the updates rolling out.
by XGhozt (server staff)

no puedo entrar!!!!

by alan on 07-23-2015

When do you usually have the server open at? it just says connecting to (server Ip) and stays that way

by Adam on 07-16-2015

Server hours are random, sorry. Whenever I feel like running it. :P
by XGhozt (server staff)

PLEASE make the max player limit highier! please....and i really want to join all the time so please make it 24/7. btw i want to join right now but the servers at max players so please do somthing about it.

by Slime King on 07-10-2015

Sorry! This is a small server, not much I can do.
by XGhozt (server staff)

When will the server be up again? I really wont to play on it.

by Anonymous on 05-02-2015

XGhozt, I Tried later, and the night after that, and on multiple PC's, and it won't connect, please help me!

by Anonymous (Again) on 04-24-2015

Server was down.
by XGhozt (server staff)

it stops at: "connecting to t.ghostzcraft.net"

by Anonymous on 03-08-2015

Just try again later.
by XGhozt (server staff)

is this for pc?
by Anonymouse on 12-18-2014

by XGhozt (server staff)

This is amazing!
by Sega678 on 09-28-2014

I always trying to connect to server and it's say Found server Then nothing happen..   And i using
by Planeattack on 08-23-2014

This will happen if the server has crashed and needs to be restarted. Just try again later.
by XGhozt (server staff)

this is a fun server i like how you can spawn mobs and blow up stuff!

by Anonymouse on 06-02-2014

Ghozt do you go on the server much?

by Leylabin on 01-01-2014

Nope, sorry.
by XGhozt (server staff)

Hey When you say online on the evenings what are the times to?

by Leylabin on 01-01-2014

No specific times, it's online when I feel like it.
by XGhozt (server staff)

i can't connect to this server D: all my screen does is say, connecting to (server IP) did it change versions or something? im using

by XxGmanxX on 11-21-2013

Sometimes this happens and we need to restart the server, just try again later. Sorry.
by XGhozt (server staff)

Coolest server EVER! This is like, the FIRST server where you can do ANYTHING!!!!

by Bill Nye on 11-18-2013

I haven't joined yet but I'm wondering if this server is updated to 1.2, and if we have acess to the /i command?
by Spicyice on 10-23-2013

Yes, updated, yes, access to /item
by XGhozt (server staff)

When is it online?

by Derpo on 10-07-2013

Will be online in the evenings, if it's not online during the day. Otherwise it's always online. Sometimes I need to shut it down for a while.
by XGhozt (server staff)

what items are banned? i cant use or do ANYTHING
by Anonymouse on 10-05-2013

There are no banned items on the server.
by XGhozt (server staff)

I can't logon on this server! i already registered with my char, but i need a password , help  :/

by B.White on 08-16-2013

Your username may be taken, if it was you that registered with that username, then you will need to remember your password or request a password reset on Ghoztcraft.net. by XGhozt (server staff)

whats the password for the server??
by Anonymous on 06-29-2013

There is no password, if you are prompted to login, the password is the password tied to the player name. If you did not register before, then someone else already registered with that player name. Create a new character.
by XGhozt (server staff)

you call a wall and bricks a cool thing ? oh cmon
by Terrariahomie02 on 06-24-2013

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