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Leafos Gaming provides exceptional Classic Survival of Terraria on a multiplayer platform. We enforce Server-Sided inventory to make the experience safe and non-exploitable as possible.


Our system is designed to use special features like World Regeneration, Housing Districts, and Safe Zones so that you can still progress through the game without losing too much of your inventory. We provide an authentic Vanilla Survival Experience!

Some of our features:

  • Item Leveling
    • Allows players to level up their favorite and unique weapon and increase its strength!
  • World Regeneration (Crimson | Corruption)
    • The world and its resources will regenerate after a set period of time allowing old and new players to obtain everything there is in the current world.
  • Housing Districts
    • Keeps your houses and your inventory safe from other players, share the house and work together and build something amazing! Monthly events will allow you to gain awesome rewards for participating in the events!
  • Challenge System
    • Players can earn extra crates from challenge events to boost their hunt for treasure, or want to simply show off their skills in the top three best challengers!

Please don't block our adverts, TServerWeb is free to use but we have servers to pay for too!

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Recent Comments

Whoever created this world is a craftsman and a very simple person.  I freaking adore the world and I'm grateful that I was able to join in. Thanks a lot.
by Tony1 on 10-17-2020

what is the required version?

by Hiccon on 10-08-2020

i cant register that said i dont hav permision to that command : /register pasword email .... or any other commands ...

by Anonymous on 09-23-2020

how do you accept people’s trades and where do i vote

by Anonymous on 12-11-2019

Use /trade and /vote, you must goto the website here or TerrariaServers.

- Leafos
by Marcus101RR (server staff)

How Do I See My Number Of Votes?

by Joe Maxford on 11-28-2019

Good Server 

Very well made

by Craig on 05-23-2019

I voted and I do not have voter rank I am online my username is SuperMegaGamer112 plz give me voter rank

by SuperMegaGamer112 on 01-30-2019

You require a limited amount of votes to obtain it, 22 Votes at this time.

- Leafos by Marcus101RR (server staff)

I voted but it didnt ask for username and i recieved no ingame rewards

by ArcticFox56 on 08-02-2018

umm hey its tdb72 and Itsoi is destroying everything and one player said she was griefing
by tdb72 on 07-27-2017

can i join your game

by Anonymous on 06-26-2017

How do I join on my iPad
by Snakeye102 on 03-11-2016

Use multiplayer option and join via IP.

by Marcus101RR (server staff)

How many times do you have to vote in order become a voter?
by L6D User Lavenderghostteevee on 02-27-2016

15 Votes is required.

by Marcus101RR (server staff)

I'm using my pass and m registered but whenever I do /login <password>
it say invalid password and its the correct pass.

by Nova on 02-13-2016

You obviously forgot your password, use /recover to obtain a new password for your account. You must have an email associated with that account. by Marcus101RR (server staff)

has anyone seen Claire?

by Optic on 01-22-2016

I used to be on this server ALL of the time, but I recently stopped playing it. As a reward of my ignorance I forgot my password for my character, trust me I've tried to do everything. Is there ANYTHING you guys could do for me? I know i could simply just make a new character but i have to much loot. PLEASE HELP. 
by Scott B. on 11-15-2015

I cannot restore your character, you must go on the forums and read more about recovering your account. You can provide your inventory hotbar items to me or your IP address. by Marcus101RR (server staff)

hello how can i have the tp command?

by Anonymous on 11-13-2015

Hello Anonymous,

Donor Rank Level 2 contains the access to /tp command located here:


Thank You,
L6D Team
by Marcus101RR (server staff)

I god banned for 'hacked items' i don't know how to hack, what it is, or why i got banned plz unban me!

            Your Friend,

by Alienoid on 10-10-2015

Hello Alienoid,

All ban appeals must be made here: Click Here ; (http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/reporting-users-abuse-appealing.16821/)

Thank You

by Marcus101RR (server staff)

Network name for Hamachi?

by Anonymous on 09-22-2015

We do not use Hamachi, please use the address provided.

L6D Team
by Marcus101RR (server staff)

          Hey Marcus,I think you know me as a good person on your server my name is Spartan223.Ive been on your server having great fun since and recentyl i got the voter rank,persons were asking how do i get it and i told them and they called me a rank hacker and i ignored them later on your server i found a way how to use rod of dicord to move very quickly without dying.The trick is to point your cursor to the edge of your screen and click and wait for 3 seconds to click again.I found that way out and i nearly got banned because of the person called oo so he toled Chris1.3 and he saw that it was no hack.Now i came on sawing evy mage trying to get skeletron to spawn oo was the  guy he died a lot and i uesd the shrimpy truffle and my rod to lead him to spanw my pc lagged and it siad i was excavicerated by dungeon gaurdian i got booted and then banned for god mode and it wasnt even god mode just because oo couldnt get them to spawn he said i am a hacker srry for making them kill evryoneone but oo was going to so plz unban me plz even give me jail rank i love this server with all my heart.

by Spartan23 on 08-11-2015

Hello Spartan23,

All ban appeals must be made here: javascript:nicTemp(); (http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/reporting-users-abuse-appealing.16821/)

Thank You

by Marcus101RR (server staff)

Hello, I have been unable to join this server, but am very interested. it sounds fun, and very interesting. the staff seems respectful, and most players nice, but I am having trouble joining. I do no pretend to be a computer master, so I will put it in basic terms- I am stupid. lol. ok, so every time I try to join, I put in the ip address and the port, but it says I am not on the same version as this server. I am confused by this as I am on the most recent update to my knowledge. can someone please point me in the right direction so that I may join this fun and respectable server?    -DragunSlayer1999      Thank you for your time! :)

by DragunSlayer1999 on 07-15-2015

You need to tell us what the error is you are getting when joining.

- L6D
by Marcus101RR (server staff)

awesome I play as mutch as I can btw love the outfit marcus

by conoopsie2 on 04-06-2015

Hi Marcus,

I'm fairly new to your server and have had a fun experience up until today. I noticed a group of guys building a large structure on the island on which you initially spawn. I had pvp mode on and was looking for a little battle action. I threw a handful of bombs at their structure, mind you I did not even attempt to destroy the structure completely, or even damage it severely. Again, this was 4-5 bombs at most, and a couple rolled away without damaging anything. This was met not with some friendly pvp battle, but with a pathetic tirade that was so offensive I cannot even repeat it here.
It suffices to say that it was filled with racist, homophobic, and ignorant slurs from that group of players (SuperHackerGamer, Lancer__214, Fives, one other guy)
I understand the server's policies on not "griefing" people, however this was FAR from an attempt to "grief" someone. I didn't come back and bomb them again once I realized how upset they had become at what I thought was just going to be a funny prank to incite some pvp, and I didn't say anything offensive to them until they began swearing and making racist remarks. And the way in which these players responded was appalling and disgusting. I was sincerely going to donate to this otherwise fun and friendly server and make it a regular place to visit until this experience.
And to top it all off, they called in one of their friends ("Skree the blood...") to mute me, long after I had left the subject alone and let them be.

I did not deserve to be treated this way, nor spoken to this way. And I recommend you ask these players to not broadcast disgusting racist vulgarities in the future.

Thank you,

by Fil on 03-07-2015


Seems you failed to follow the guidelines yourself, if you wish to help the server with your contributions and report an issue. We require the time of the event and additionally your time zone. We cannot read your mind, nor your region.

It would be a cake walk to find the chat logs if we know exactly when, where, how it was said. You provided none of those, nor did you go to the forums to report this issue.

As such, you basically enjoyed or could care less of the issue. Next time, please read the signs more properly, and you might actually help the server rather than just ignore it.

by Marcus101RR (server staff)

When i joined the server first time, I thought this server was Ok. Today, when I joined the server it was just like YOU DIED YOU DIED YOU DIED becouse i'ts hardmode, and i have only slime staff to defend myself, everything is covered in thorns and corruption and i can't walk any more blocks than about 40 without being killed by OP monsters. And, when I'm so easy to kill and I can't do anything, other people just walk by with the best armor and weapons. WTF? What do I have to do to actually be able to do something there? I just wanted to play some terraria on this server 'cause i thought it was like before, but when we just walked in, we were just like cavemen walking around super OP warriors. Everything is trying to kill me now. Even the dirt is making fun of me as I'm so easy to kill and I can't do anything. How I'm supposed to play when every chest is looted and everything kills me?
by SEABEARD on 02-16-2015

We have World Regeneration that will start the server clean with a new world to explore. You will have to wait till the world regenerates, the control of hardmode is determined by the players. If the players start hardmode, new players joining can nullify it. You can also invite your friends to join and help you out. The more the better you chances of survival. The server is meant to have cooperative gameplay.

by Marcus101RR (server staff)

Hi, I was banned from this server some months back for having hacked item which I got from another server. I was unaware that this was a problem, I would be very grateful if you could review my case to reinstate me as I really do like the server and would like to play it again.
by mario kart pro YT 2 on 02-12-2015

You will need to go to our website and select Contact Us. You can attempt your ban appeal there.

by Marcus101RR (server staff)

I play daily and have tons of friend`s keep up the good work

by Evan on 01-31-2015

I logged on this server in very earlier days, and loved it. however, I then put the server down for a while, and all of a sudden, after 1.2.4 wasreleased, my character got corrupted, and n ow i cannot log in, as it informs my that i already have a registered acc. Please help if possible, I do wish to get back into terraria multiplayer, as singleplayer sucks. Thanks, Zakie.
by Zakie on 01-25-2015

Your account name is taken by another user, if you own this account you will need to verify with us the contents of that account. You can goto Contact Us on our website and make an appeal to restore your account. Be advised, if your IP, or UUID does not match the character you had you will not get it back. The account will be wiped if you cannot verify the inventory.

by Marcus101RR (server staff)

I need help registering it says account dragon has already been registered but I didn't
by Anonymouse on 01-01-2015


The name "dragon" is too common and was most likely taken by another user. Please refrain from using common names, use a unique name to avoid the issue from happening.

by Marcus101RR (server staff)

I can`t register or login

by Anonymouse on 01-01-2015


In order to help you further we need to know if the error message states that you already have an account, or the account name has been taken. Please take the necessary precautions before posting.

by Marcus101RR (server staff)


by sanic on 12-11-2014

I have a question. 1, how do you lock chests and houses. other than that, this server is great!!! :D

by ZMB_friend on 09-27-2014

Use the /house command to define your points and then the name. All items, chests, and house will be protected from destruction and stealing. by Marcus101RR (server staff)

how can u lvl ip?

by lol on 08-30-2014

The Best Server!!!

by zeusnavigator on 08-05-2014

Have no idea how to get a level

by Dickbutt 2.0 fo real on 07-21-2014

Hi, i'm Kurt Legend, i wanna know how i can do to be Builder... I Ask some people but they dont know, i check here in the page and there is no Information, so i wanna know that... Please tell me how... Bye.
by Kurt Legend on 07-05-2014

how do you DONATE :P?
by Teal Weirdness on 07-05-2014

This is the best server I have ever played on. The way it does SSC is a whole lot better than any other server in my opinion. I am greatly honored to be a Moderator and help out with catching rule breakers etc. And I hope to be able to stay online as much as possible.

by Igneousrock on 06-28-2014

LOl i love the server!

by Anonymouse on 06-28-2014

by RicCrup on 06-06-2014

This is really a fun server for those who have a stronger appeal to the classic survival sort of game. Due to world resets, there will always be an opportunity to access resources. But if you come in and demand and beg for items, you'll probably get ignored. Fun server,

But why is it suddenly offline? :(

by Frank on 06-06-2014

Let me just say; this server is awesome! It perfectly replicates a legit survival mode with added things to make the server awesome. The owner of the server Marcus, is very smart, and has taken his time in developing this server, and in doing so, he has built his own little community. For users, he makes it so teleport commands are disabled, spawn teleport commands are disables, and a lot more other things that make this server even more legit! The worlds reset every month, and sometimes even sooner, and with character resets every year, and a housing area at spawn that doesn't reset every month, players have even more to look forward to, with more excitement! In all honesty, this is one of the BEST server for a legit experience for people who like to play the best way; legit. Forget what the rest say, this server is just great compared to others. -GamerConscience
by GamerConscience on 05-23-2014

I lost everything, and i couldnt log in, is that a problem?

by Anonymouse on 05-18-2014

Dear Anonymouse,

If you cannot login, there is a problem on with the username you are using. Someone may have already taken it. If you lost items, be reminded that dropping as a user will not work. Dropping for normal users has been disabled.

Thank You.
by Marcus101RR (server staff)

dont play this server!

this server suck and it delete all your item every update

by tvt on 05-14-2014


We have records indicating you have a S.D.M.G, which is an unobtainable item without a modified client or someone providing it to you. The server has detected you with it, and reset your inventory.

As stated in the rules "The server reserves the right to reset your inventory even if one single item is found to be hacked". Ask yourself, is it worth the one hacked item to lose your entire inventory?

We wish you luck in other servers,
L6D Team
by Marcus101RR (server staff)

hey, i got some images of a hacker who hacked in, of all things, titanium and sunplate.

will upload to steam when i get home

by Robbie on 03-03-2014

Don't you love when people just say "this doesn't work you all are faget imma go listen to skrillex #swag" and don't explain what is going wrong?

It is always a good feeling when i see COMPETENT people. 
guess what kinds of people are on this server? Ignore to 10 year olds spamming chat, they get banned fast.
the rest are nice, helpful and ballsy fuck motheric people. They work hard to earn that title and shall be adressed as such.
I saw a greatly built house, that wasnt protected. i protected it, and when the original builder saw this, i added him to the protection.

I love this server... i fucking love everyone on it... thanks marcus!

by MegaDan on 02-23-2014

the ip doesnt work

by Anonymouse on 02-16-2014

Try again. by Marcus101RR (server staff)

This server is great, Recommended by all.

At the moment i am Game Master (Staff), I help everybody out so if you do find me online don't hide away just ask me, I DON'T give away things so don't be asking for Terra blades and other Godly items but I do however have a "Noob Chest" so to say which i will gladly give items that are inside to anybody that is in need of help, i also do tutorials and show you how to protect your housing.

Come join us, we have a great community full of friendly people.

by Kenway on 02-15-2014

This server gets my approval.

First, it has anti-greifing measures up  the arse! Server side characters and house protection. The world that isn't on the player home island is renewed every ten votes.

The Boss arena spawns in Mother slimes that give alot of money, cool. but, the devourerers... why are they spawning there? They just dig through the floor an into the spawn area, then they dig through that onto the world below! It is fun to see people get killed by this rain of tapeworms though.


The community is great, this one guy said he had around 789 souls of flight, so he has the matierials to make wings for new players. This guy is amazing and should get some sort of recongnition! The users name is "StarHorder"


I'm sorry when my english isn't that big, I am from France. If you'll excuse me, I have to go get some things in real life.

by Crouton on 02-05-2014

Kevin keeps spawning dungeon guardians now I'm rich, thanks m9!
by StarHorder on 02-02-2014

this sever is epic love it
by johny on 01-21-2014

I honestly think this server is boss, I like how u have to get all your stuff again, and how you can teleport to a cloud to make houses on it.

by <#@Sponge(:)Ray@#> on 01-19-2014

Can i have a link to The Forums website.

by Kevinkoool on 01-12-2014

It is on the main page that you are looking at, if you read you will see it. by Marcus101RR (server staff)

how do you log in
by SHADOW GUY on 01-05-2014

You type .login to confirm no common hacks/modded clients are used. Then the usual /register and /login. by Marcus101RR (server staff)

So, what's Server Sided Inventory?

by Frank on 01-05-2014

You won't have your inventory from Single Player, you only keep what you earn from the server. by Marcus101RR (server staff)

aw dude, its true you were in the wrong, but if you start over it should be fine? just make a new character name and don't hack on this server
by alex on 11-17-2013

Alright, thank you for atleast giving a response. Sorry if the commotion had any side effects and I wish your server good luck in the near future.

by Paradox Von SJ on 11-17-2013

So I've been banned after giving my end of the argument and stopped spawning stuff in. Your Donor kept facing me with step ups to old testaments, When I was finally playing the game he still didn't let up and simply banned me for apparently being a 'douche' when first off I wasn't swearing. Secondly I admitted feasibly I didn't deny but it's the same thing right? Thirdly all I did was spawn in Red's wings which first of all caused the commotion and I deleted it in the end because it became out of hand.

by Paradox Von SJ (My Terraria Name) on 11-17-2013

Think not of the fact that you got banned for an argument, think of the fact that "you stopped spawning stuff in" as the reason. You admit to hacking, and it is frowned upon. There is no arguments here, if you try this on any other Server Sided Inventory server, you will get the same thing. A Ban, and a hatred following you down. My suggestion to you is, the next server you join. Do not hack. Thank You. Ban Appeals can only be done on the forums. by Marcus101RR (server staff)

Marcus there is a griefer and hacker on the server right now

He told us he can use the /give command and cant die in pvp
his username is LostfortheWin**
Please IP Ban him He threatens to come back with a different ip

by Zed on 11-15-2013

Is it possible for your house to be saved from the old world, as many people weren't here for the vote
by Tavi on 11-13-2013

If you are expecting the chests to be saved, they were corrupted along with the grief attack. by Marcus101RR (server staff)

Good server 

Explosives, bombs and dynamite needs to be banned.
Some peeps homes r destroyed 

Plz do a role back  

by Mr.Z on 11-12-2013

Confirmed, we are on the verge of doing a rollback, as well as banning the explosives. by Marcus101RR (server staff)

When will the server be back online? Been waiting 4 hours :c
by Zed on 11-09-2013

We had an unexpected fault error, which caused the world to crash and the server itself to shut off. Windia was not the only server down, our other servers were down too. This was a global shutdown, the server is back online as of now. by Marcus101RR (server staff)

Great Server! Really enjoy it. :)
by Girby on 11-05-2013

I tried logging on today but it says its a different version? what with this, its not happening with any other servers

by Kody135 on 10-31-2013

Server is using, please update. by Marcus101RR (server staff)

7 of my friends voted yes on this server when it had 23 likes how its not 30 and where is event :CCCc
by Pippi långstrump (pie) on 10-29-2013

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