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In the World of Taneira, players join parties and fight to survive. Kill the creatures to receive gifts and credits.  Credits can be exchanged for items at the shop, or used to rank up for server permissions. Do you have what it takes to survive?  How to play?
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  1.   All players are required to create an account by typing
    /register [your-own-password] than type /login [your-own-password].

  2. This server uses SSC, (Server Side Characters) which means you will not be able to use your own items from other servers, or your personal world.  Every player begins with a kit given by the server, and can receive more items by ranking up, typing /rank up.

  3. Our economy is based on (Credits) you can own credits by voting, we have two different ways for you two vote.  Both ways earn you credits.  Typing /vote will give you 10,000 credits, and typing /reward will give you 20,000 credits.  You can also kill any mob or boss for credits.  How to spend credits?  You can use credits for ranking up, type /rank up to level up and earn more server permissions, and gain items.  Use credits to buy items from our shop.  You can also use credits to buy coins, and spawn mobs and bosses with our custom commands like, /eye, /santa, /betsy, /solar and much more.  Some custom commands will only work on some levels.  For example, /betsy will only work for players on level 20 or higher.

  4. Our kingdom Taneria, is a friendly place and always ready to welcome new comers to the village, but you must earn your right to claim a villa in our kingdom.  Only Players on level 20 or higher can claim a villa.  VIP players can claim a larger villa with special items inside.

  5. We currently have a bank, hospital, pet store, nursing station, NPC Center, and always building new shops every day.  Join us as our village is growing into a beautiful town.

  6. Our server will not allow you to built, but don't worry.  You can still warp to "The Mines" by typing /warp mine and mine all the resources you like, just be very careful lots of scary things down there.  The server is set to regenerate after 48 hours.   Not to worry, villas, do not regenerate so your villa is safe.

  7. Taneria is currently in Alpha mode, so please let us know if you notice a glitch or issue.  You can report all bugs, issues and send us your ideas at www.pcgamerz.net/support 

    Thank you for playing Taneria, we hope you enjoy it.
    - Staff 

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I would like to thank all the players for helping improve the server and making it a family friendly place to play the amazing game of Terraria.
by Owner on 01-25-2018

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