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Hysteria RPG — Online since 2017!

Hysteria provides a Terraria survival gameplay experience, with a class leveling system and server economy. Inventory is stored server-side with no outside items allowed. Pick a class, gear up, gain strength, and begin your journey.

As you explore the world and gather items, you may build a base underground and protect your build with server commands. Fight mobs and bosses in arenas to earn server currency used to gain levels and buy items from the class shops. Spawn random battles in the Colosseum — difficulty is based on your current level. The stronger you become, the harder the battles. Use Gems you collect from fighting enemies and bosses to buy items from the class and boss spawn shops. Farm for Gems, gain levels and become the strongest Hysterian possible. Never before has grinding been so addictive!

"Get ready to die, survive, thrive, build, conquer, steal, discover, explore, loot and reign!"

Join today and become a member of the world-famous Hysteria Terraria server!

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