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[TR]EMREOYUN.TK Mobile Network | FREE ITEMS | Build


This server is public Mobile Network, which is you can connect all lobies from single server.
Use /servers to see all servers available to play.
Free Items: Use /i command for get any item you want.

Discord: https://discord.emreoyun.tk

Up-To-Date Network Servers:
•Lobby - /lobby
•Build - /build
•Server List - /servers

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Recent Comments

Very underated server, I wish the server is more crowded though.
by A.J on 11-05-2023

Pretty nice server, very underrated, just staff members, simplistic and different than most servers I've been to. This server truly deserve some recognition.
by Anonymous on 10-24-2023

Hi can you unban Me because me and my brother have the same ip and he is sad I don't want him to be sad.

by Shrek! on 07-01-2021

You need to appeal to our email: admin@emreoyun.tk by EMREOYUN (server staff)

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