About Us

I wanted the ability to manage my own Terraria server from the web. Thanks to tShock and its REST API, I was able to do that. After getting the hang of it I decided to start a website for free to allow others to manage their own game server from the web. It is a work in progress and I am the only one developing and managing the entire project. I've had some help along the way for the direction of the site, but nothing beyond that.

As well as an online server manager for Terraria, the site also serves a public Terraria server list. You can manage your own Terraria servers by registering and adding the servers to the account and enabling the tShock REST API.

What is TServerWeb?

TServerWeb is primarily a Terraria Server List. It allows people to post their Terraria server on the list and simply "Bump" it to push it back to the top, this can be done every 24 hours. This eliminates the need to re-add the server once a day. You can also register and login to make changes to the listing at anytime.

The rest of what TServerWeb does is in the server management section. From here, if you have a tShock server with the REST API enabled, you can actually manage the entire server from the web. You can even add a server and not list it on the public server list if you just want to manage your own server. This includes the following:

  • Viewing who is online
  • Kicking, banning, healing and viewing player inventory
  • Running commands
  • Managing the user groups, including the permissions and color
  • Editing members and their group
  • Executing World commands, such as spawning a meteor
  • Managing your banned users and lifting a ban

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How is this all free?

I started this project as a hobby, but it peaked interest among Terraria Server owners.
If you want to help me and see this project grow, please feel free to donate through PayPal (thanks for the beer!).

What about server hosting?

TServerWeb is not a game server host, the website is simply an online control panel you can use to manage your existing server. It makes life easy for server admins who need to be able to manage their server from anywhere. The added bonus is the server list, which is free to use to drive players to your server.