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Welcome to Hysteria!
Hysteria uses SSC. You MAY NOT bring in your personal items.

All players begin from the same point. The only option is to pick a class, equip your starter items, and continue to earn your way up the ranks by fighting monsters and bosses, looting homes, and exploring the depths. Survival. In the land of Hysteria.

• Melee, Magic, Ranged and Summoner classes available.
• Weapons, armors and accessories - all separated by class, and unlocked as your level increases.
• Build your base using server home protection commands. Return to it anytime!
• Arenas for boss battles. Colosseum for random mob battles. All via commands.
• Server currency obtained from killing mobs and bosses. Used for leveling up and buying items from the server class shops.
• NPC houses, surface structures to explore - Hysteria is alive and well!

"Get ready to die, survive, thrive, build, conquer, steal, discover, explore, loot and reign!"

Join today and become a member of the world famous Hysteria Terraria server!

For more details, visit: http://hysteria.ign.gg

Join the official Hysteria Discord server at:

Hysteria! ©2017-2023
Proud member of the Infinite Gaming Network (IGN). 

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