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Colin's Fun Server


Last Online January, 05 2016 This server has been offline for more then two weeks and is no longer being actively scanned by tserverweb.com. The server owner can login to fix this.

A brand new, private
Terraria community.

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Recent Comments

Its amazing. Picture having unlimited building materials, and unlimited items. In terraria, and you can see other peoples builds through the same way, and there is an Anti-Grief system, and the staff are great. Visit the fourms too!

by Wintar Admintazz on 11-02-2014

really cool server

by Jamkindez on 10-30-2014

Buckle your pants nerds, this server is 10/10
by UnicornAssasin on 08-16-2014

The best server I ever had visit in my live!
by halfmaster on 05-08-2014


by Anonymouse on 04-18-2014

It has a great staff that have a great control handling the server
by Dark Wolf on 04-16-2014

The free items are what initially draws people in, but the fun and accepting community is what keeps them coming back. I used to come on CFS to pvp with some friends, none of whom had a private server we could play on. I ended up sticking around because of the sense of community and eventually became a moderator. The staff and assistants are helpful and friendly, and we make sure everyone is comfortable and at home on CFS. 10/10

by Seachell on 04-15-2014

Desu Desu onii-chan
Colin Kawaii :D :3 xD~~

by Cre'lus on 04-14-2014

love this server
by MineTroll43 on 03-27-2014

If anything, join the server for the /warp items so you can get anything you want for free! Infinite times! There are also scripted monsters at /warp mobs that you can kill with other people.

PvP is also implemented, and is very fun. Some items are banned to preserve some sense of balance, though. This won't hinder the amount of fun in PvP.

In all, CFS is a great way to spend an evening. Grab a new set of vanity items, a new weapon or two, or all, and go and meet some friends and have a blast!

by Something Obvious on 02-20-2014

This server is awsome! I play 24/7 It has Free Items,  Pvp, and a lot more! its just epic!
by TlalocGaming on 02-01-2014

Can't say enough good things about this server. The community, the staff, the freedom of choice, everything about his server is amazing.
by Day56 on 01-21-2014

All I can say is that Terraria used to be fun, but even though I was excited for 1.2, and I love this server, but I feel it was better back in the days of the Builders. A much closer knit communititty, and I could actually have fun with my life. This server changed me, and I think it will do this for you too, random person who is reading this.
by Kokonut_Binks on 12-31-2013

Joined the server almost 2 years ago, now I admin for it. Fun times
by Sadi on 12-10-2013

This server is home to many different people, builders, pvpers, etc. There are many friendly admin and moderators all the time, and you can do what you want! This is by far my favorite server and will always be.
by SURPRISE on 11-25-2013

Best server ever! The only one I ever visit (beside my LAN one)!
by JjStAr on 11-24-2013

Best server ever!

by BananaMan on 11-19-2013

I used to play few month ago and i remember i played this server. staff was great and people too... i will play this server again :D
by smokintillidie on 11-10-2013

This is seriously the best server. I won't stop joining it anytime soon.
by RhanCole on 10-24-2013

As a player from the server itself, i can say, its amazing.

Ive played on CFS for 200+ days so far, and i have never had a negative expirence. The staff keep great control, and constantly help. The world is always clean and organized, there are tons of warps too.

Example, there are warps to a free items shop, build tunnels, arenas and even certain parts of the map. 

I highly recommend joining, its incredibly fun, and more than just the best server on terraria, its the best community on terraria.

by Soft Shell on 09-24-2013

This Server is Better Then Any other Servers!
by William_The_Wolf on 09-22-2013

Best Server I've seen so far!!!
by GreenNeonz on 08-26-2013

The server is very awesome and there are bt1 , 2 and 3 thos e are build tunnels i only joined 6 days ago and it is totally awesome!
by Mllever on 08-17-2013

i Love This Server it's So Fun To Play On :D!!!
by William_The_Wolf on 08-13-2013

The best server by Far !!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Anonymouse on 08-10-2013

Colin's fun server is a wide range type of server. It has a fully dedicated staff, And if your the person that gets bored easily, well fear not! In CFS, You can go PVPing, Build wondrous creations, and even fight the nightly boss which is randomly selected each night! You may not like the Spawn, but it changes every month! CFS even has it's own /warp Items, where you can get ALL the items in terraria (Thanks to Meta Haley Knight)! If you like to go around killing people in Deathmatch Etc. , You can even set up your own match! So, get on CFS now, cause it's a great server that is open 24/7 and is always welcoming new members!
by Jheg on 08-02-2013

Personally I love this server. The staff is friendly and they give you items and help you for free!

by Chachi on 08-02-2013

The server looks awesome, is easy to navigate, and everyone is super nice. The staff members are super nice and help you right away. Games go on all the time that you can join, as well as PVP.
by Anonymouse on 07-26-2013

I love this server. The community is amazing i've never seen anything like it. I love being able to look at everyone's builds, especially the spawns and items each month. There's always someone to talk to and assistants or staff helping out. The rules are easy to obey, too.
by Marpatguy on 07-24-2013

this was a awesome server coline i am playing right now
by benjamin avice du buisson on 07-22-2013

Well,this server is just AWESOME! I love it!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

by iamnikos on 07-22-2013

I love cfs gaming, it has fun things to do. Usally on other servers you just sit there and chat or something, But CFS has fun features to do. You can also do anything you want on here, except break the rules. CFS is a fun server and it really deserves all the awesome people it can get on it.
by Brook on 07-20-2013

I joined the CFS gaming server for the first time i was greeted VERY nicely by Staff members, and within 5 minutes they where helping me out :) One of the best servers i've seen. It's fast, has no grief, friendly staff and members, plenty of room to build, and has an awesome community! Join the fun!

by Haylo on 07-12-2013

Before i found CFS, I searched through a lot of other servers. I'm proud to say, none of them were as good as CFS. They didn't have many constructions, or they simply asked for too much money. The community at CFS is so great, people give money even without getting special ranks.
by sirblah on 07-03-2013

CFS is a fun server. It mainly shines on having a large active community of lots of cool people. It is a good place to build and to look around at other builds but the PvP quality is extremely low. I wouldn't really say it is much different than a lot of other terraria servers but it is the most popular server and always active. A great place to visit if you are new to terraria multiplayer.
by Biya on 06-30-2013

Thanks for the input. :) Some recent changes to the server have been aimed at improving the quality of PVP, such as blocking cheating with /b, and preventing PVP at the spawn. We'll look into how to improve the arenas as well. by Colin (server staff)

When i joined the server i was amazed about all the fun features it had like Capture The Flag, Duels and alot of other things they are even kind enough to give warps such as warp items where you find all the items in the game. This Server is the best I'll have . So if you hav'ent already join the server.
by IHasManyFish on 06-29-2013

If or not New to Terraria, I assure that you will be welcomed to this server like Family. This has been my first server ever since I join the Terraria community, and this server will be my only one and only server. I highly suggest that anyone who may take a look at this server, not have second thoughts and join. Make friends and have a good time building on Colin's Fun Server, you'll enjoy your stay for sure, Become apart of the family :3
by BlueRuby on 06-25-2013

I am loving so much that server.It is my favorite and it has so many good habits.First of all it has (all the time) active Staff members and Forums.Second,It has so many amazing buildings made by new members-active members or higher.And third the comunity is helping so much and it is so much kind!! So i suggest you that server!!

by iamnikos on 06-23-2013

This server is amazing, the people are great and they host a great server, with a range of things to do, from messing around, to playing C3mod such as CTF or FFA. 
by Jimmyboy on 06-23-2013

This server is not a just simple server,That server it's just amazing.Okay you're about to ask me what makes that server amazing?,well good community active forums good members and people that they helps you with any problem to  stay log in.
by UnRealCharapter on 06-21-2013

If you like wildlife, this server has several active turtle characters.. :3
by Turtle on 06-21-2013

For some reason I got banned for griefing before I even managed to get in :/


by Anonymous on 06-21-2013

Try using a less common name. by Colin (server staff)

Cfs is so awsome! it has so many feartues!
by Anonymous on 06-20-2013

Toasting in epic bread
by Beckysan on 06-19-2013

This server achieves exactly what it states in the description and MORE. It offers a friendly community, active staff members, and many players to make friends with! This server is very well-organized, professionally hosted, and gives the players a clear direction to all of the many things that they are able to do. Custom plugins, unique rankings, fancy prefixes, and much more help enhance this server and make it stand out against the majority of the other servers hosted. This server contains many creative and artistic  creations that are simply amazing and will most certainly catch players' attention. There is no primary purpose as to what you are supposed to do; the only purpose in this server is to have fun, do whatever you want that abide with the rules, and enjoy Terraria! "Build, Fight, PLAY!"

Cfsgaming.com is a site/server that everyone should try at least once and would most likely not regret it!

by Bippity on 06-19-2013

This server is AMAZING! Oh. Em. GEEZ.
by A creature from the abyss on 06-18-2013

This is, by far, the best community and server in existence.
by eLady on 06-18-2013

CFS is a different server than most Terraria servers out there. We have a good forums and website and have plenty of things to do on the server.
by Zion on 06-17-2013

Well that server ROCKS!!!

by iamnikos on 06-17-2013

Best oldfig hanging around again, how are you my fellow friends?

Life's good, the Colin tier ride is about to begin.
Get your seatbelts on lads.

by Beckysan on 06-16-2013

Just compare other servers' forums and you'll quickly realize the difference of high level quality that goes into CFS.

by Johnson on 06-16-2013

Hellz yeah.

by UnicornAssasin on 06-15-2013

Voting everyday now. Nearly been a year since I've been here. This server grew up being better every day :D
by DJ PON3 on 06-15-2013

Herro, Im John. And Dis Server Is Da BEST !

by Hobo John on 06-15-2013

Love this server.
by Blue Jay on 06-15-2013

by Corparal_Hazard on 06-14-2013

3 words... Best. Server. Ever.

by Ol\' Seeker on 06-14-2013

Good server, Nice people here, And you can build your own things.
Nothing more to say...

by KraZh on 06-14-2013

Hi I'm nwbx. This server is awesome because you can do anything except ruin other people's fun. Now... What am I forgetting? Oh yus. HAIDER LOL :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3
by nwbx on 06-14-2013

Amazing server. Amazing staff. Amazing players. Perfect for PvPing and building. New maps every month as well as buildtunnels so there's always going to be room to build your house. Bunnehs.......
by Charlotte on 06-14-2013

This server's atmosphere is better than Earth's atmosphere *choke*.

Certainly worth checking out if you want a server with a moderator named after an amphibious animal. You know, everyone likes amphibian staff members

by Tom on 06-14-2013

I love that server it is amazing and the Stuff is amazing too
It is my favorite!!

by iamnikos on 06-14-2013

Best server ive ever played on, even though i am player that has quit a long time ago i am constantly pulled back to playing it. Ive met great friends and even though i pushed em back, the server is truly amazing and i can always get new ones in there. Lets not forget the new map scheme! A whole new spawn to prank around made by our best builders AND New loadspace for more houses!

God tier server, Or Colin tier server if you prefer.
All hail overlord Colin!

by Beckysan on 06-14-2013

Amazing server, great staff. Even the players are quite friendly. Definitely a great server for people to just have fun and make friends.
by Shadow123 on 06-14-2013

Amazing server, great staff. Even the players are quite friendly. Definitely a great server for people to just have fun and make friends.
by Shadow123 on 06-14-2013

This is easily the best server around. It has excellently well trained, experienced and reliable staff members and they are lenient in most cases, unless the offender is extreme. The server has an awesome community that is very relaxed and welcomes anyone in with open arms. The map is never completely full thanks to their once a month map change that has a NEW spawn and essentials each map, and with that comes new PvP arena's each map which helps prevent PvP from getting stale! The server also has a ton of custom plugin's that help the server operate more smoothly in general. This server is downright amazing and the best server I have ever encountered in my digital life.
by Notoris on 06-13-2013

CFS not only is an awesome server, but an awesome community.


by Cephei_7 on 06-13-2013

I adore this place. #1

by Seachell on 06-13-2013

Awesome server, awesome community, awesome awesomeness.

@Agent60: You say that because you never played on another server. Amen. 

by Liquicity on 06-13-2013

Come on guys we can do this.

Best server out there.

by eLady on 06-13-2013

One of the best servers out there, mateys. 
by Agent60 on 06-13-2013

CFS #1

We can do this people.

by Sadi on 06-13-2013

CFS ftw , best Terraria community ever :D

Side note: So many annoymous people lol.

by Guardian Angel Ryan on 06-13-2013

so many likes :o
by Anonymous on 06-13-2013

I love it soooooo much btw its darkbane44 :D
by Anonymous on 06-13-2013

so much funnnn!!!
by Anonydog on 06-13-2013

I'm looking at 54 players online right now. Win.
by Turtle on 06-13-2013

This server be ballin'
by Anonymous on 06-13-2013

Best server ever.
by Anonymous on 06-13-2013

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