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Terraria Legends [AncientGods] [1.2.2]


Last Online April, 03 2015 This server has been offline for more then two weeks and is no longer being actively scanned by tserverweb.com. The server owner can login to fix this.

Terraria Legends

U.S Dedicated Server - World DB Started 22/10/2013 - Updated 1.2.2 - Halloween, Xmas, Dungeons and more - Server Side Character !
World DB ReStarted 17/01/2014 to give every player a Great and Fair Chance to Become one of the First Top Legends !!  

Terraria Server

- New Chars only, SSC, AutoChest protection, House protection, Awesome Community, Support and Constant Updates! Professional Server.

*New Chars, New Events, Your Legend! 

               - World Servers -
connect ip:  terrarialegends.com - Port: 7777

rnsupport: staff@terrariaservers.biz
rndonations: terrariaservers.biz/donate

          Have Fun and Play Fair !

28-OCT-2013 : Server Upgraded : Twice the Power and Fun !
02-NOV-2013 : Updated to World [Evolve]
13-NOV-2013 : Old Christmas Event !
13-NOV-2013 : 2nd Server Upgrade! Enjoy !
14-NOV-2013 : Raid Events Added.
18-NOV-2013 : Dungeons Event Added.
19-NOV-2013 : New Map [Exodus]
22-NOV-2013 : Server's Cores Upgrade! 
22-JAN-2014  : New Partnership ! Server Reborns !! New and Awesome Mix with AncientGods Epic Server, thanks to "AncienGods" (new server Admin/Owner)
22-JAN-2014  : New Start to become a Legend First ones get Gifts!
22-JAN-2014  : New Map and Adventures !

Coming Soon...

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I'm not a developer, i'm just red's girlfriend.
by Cenx on 02-10-2014

The best server i have have ever been on!


by Gimli on 12-15-2013

Love the server keep up the good work.
by blha on 11-26-2013

Best server ever like im never gonna release it (Markov)
by Markov on 11-25-2013

Thanks a lot for your support and review!
                                                                           - Terraria Legends Staff by zckio (server staff)

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