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Last Online September, 21 2016 This server has been offline for more then two weeks and is no longer being actively scanned by tserverweb.com. The server owner can login to fix this.
Ever wanted to just hang out with your friends or meet new players? Welp, TerraNova's the place for you! We offer sweet ranks, awesome staff, freebuilding, roleplaying, and a sleek website that includes a forum for discussing any topic that crosses your mind. We're open 24/7, so you'll never have to worry about not being able to join. Give us a try!

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Recent Comments

by Cyistic on 07-11-2015

I came here about a month ago looking for an RP server, but without the need of an application right off the bat.

It was not what I expected, but I am a rather serious RPer so it was natural. However, I did find very nice people, a very helpful staff team, and a server that's on 99% of the time, and the 1% is when something happens. Not because of a regular restart.
Not to mention, the roleplay here, when it happens, is amazingly done and well played out. I'd recommend it to any of my friends.
Which I did, by the way. They're active members of the community now, because they love TerraNova as well.

by Vernon/Qiriguai/ShamanOfTheSands on 06-23-2015

I love this server, it is great. More more more!
by Sheldon Cooper on 06-13-2015

I enjoy when ppl are actually friendly on the server. :3 I like to say hello to everyone, when i get on. When some of the casual players welcome you back, you know the players are friendly.
by Spyro on 04-10-2015

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