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2Dforts! v18 [-38% Item Bans Test Weekend]


Last Online August, 29 2015 This server has been offline for more then two weeks and is no longer being actively scanned by tserverweb.com. The server owner can login to fix this.

2Dforts! is back! (...again!) After a very long "Interim map" phase, the results of HUNDREDS of hours of work put in by the community, version 18 is finally live and ready for play! Without a doubt, this is the most beautiful, and feature-packed 2df I've ever had the pleasure of hosting.
  • Massive ranking system changes require an account & plort wipe~ Plort gains have been adjusted entirely, as well as the requirements to ascend in rank. There is no longer a death penalty, and the amount of plorts you earn from killing another player is determined by that players current rank.
  • When you /register & /login, you will become a Neophyte. After accumulating 30,000p, you will need to pick one of 3 faction lines to join (Cowboys, Pirates, or Ninjas.) for your first /rank up. Each of the six tiers for the three factions have identical permissions, but sport their own unique titles, and chat colors.
  • As with all previous incarnations of 2Dforts, donor accounts have not been wiped, however their plorts have, and they are still unfortunately excluded from the ranking system.
-Featured Attractions-
  • 2forts Re-imagined: The staple 2forts arena has been remodeled to better acclimate the game-play changes with 1.2, though the classic version is still available to play in if you need a bit of nostalgia~
  • c3r!: A completely re-coded c3, orginally from Twitchy, and revived with the help of the almighty White. Still needs a bit of tweaking here and there, but is well on its way to awesomeness!
  • Giant NPC Town: A lovely town containing the games NPCs, each themed after their own specialties.
  • New Item Depot: The Item Depot has been completely redesigned, with the items organized by type, in an easy-to-spot section of the building. You can also /warp to each section if you know that sections label (They do not appear in/warp list.)
  • Class Wars Updates: The original CW arena has been redesigned, while old & new arenas are available as well! Support your teams Miner as they attempt to destroy the enemy's cache, while defending your own from their onslaught, with MANY predetermined classes to choose from.
  • PvP Arena Dressrosa: A casual (& pretty!) place for open-world PvP skirmishes between players~
  • New Boss Arenas: New boss areas allow you to spawn them for a challenge whenever you like!
  • Mob Arenas: You can spawn several "difficulty levels" of mobs, or tackle a limited gear mode for a real challenge.The Wall of Flesh arena challenges you to face the beast with pre-made gear sets.
  • Castle Adventure: A metroidvania style challenge to explore the massive Imp Castles, collecting progressively better gear along the way.
  • Terraria Golf: A lovely 18-hole course designed to play with spikey balls! Start with your stack and play against friends, to see who has the most left over at the end!
  • Mount Wario: An homage to one of the new game's tracks, race against friends in your minecart in this amazingly well-designed course.
  • Gravity: A parkour game which employs the gravity globe for VVVVVV style platforming puzzles.
  • The Drop: Use the tabi in this falling challenge to dodge the obstacles, and reach the finish line in this unforgiving mini-game.
  • Soccer & Volleyball: Two new arenas to play these games using the Terrarian mechanics.
  • Super Dungeon: A collection of six dungeons, connected to the pyramid underneath spawn. Only for true adventurers! (or masochists.)
  • Several explorable environments: Islands in the Sky, frigid mountain-tops, massive jungles, volcanoes, and much more.
  • Ginormous Art Museum: A massive collection of pixel art, some new, and some from previous 2Dforts maps.
  • MUCH, much more!: This is just a short list of the many wondrous mini-games, arenas, and features version 18 has for you to discover!
-Banned Item List-

-Brief Command Explanation-
  • Several commands have changed from those used on previous 2Dforts servers. Certain groups will have more or less commands depending, and access to some previously unused ones.
  • For c3r games (Capture the flag, etc.) use /c3 list gamemodes or /c3 list arenas to list gamemodes and arenas respectively. Use /c3 vote start <gamemode> <arena> to initiate a game vote, and /c3 vote join to enter the list of players to compete in the upcoming game.
  • For mob & boss arenas which utilize the Sign Commands plugin, simply hit the desired sign with a pickaxe to activate it.
  • All available commands to you can been seen within /help, and typing them without arguments will display a how-to for most commands.
-Chat Info-
2Dforts!now has dedicated Mumble Voice Chat courtesy of OdysseyGamez!
Port: 3812
Log in, and enter the 2Dforts! room to chat with other members of the community!

Visit 2dforts.com in a browser for WebIRC chat, or connect your favorite IRC client to irc.rizon.net, and join the #2dforts channel for server chat, and IRC bot shennanigans!

  • Version 18 of 2Dforts! would not have been possible without the dedication and love from the 2Df community. A HUGE thank you for your years of devotion and support. You guys have made hosting a fun and exciting experience.
  • Biah spearheaded the entire organization of v18, and its contents. From environmental design, layout, to many of the features within, Baih has proven to be a true god in the realm of Terraria.
  • v18's primary construction crew, Aeneas, Bro, Calli, DarkSide, Johuan, Justin, mbran139, Minion, Ren, Thomas, and Tobled. Without their aid, this map would be devoid of many it's great features, and would not have been possible to construct.
  • Several other contributors of content, Alec, Alyss, Andy, JAKE, Sam, Squishie, and Varler.
  • Many builders and designers from prior iterations of 2Dforts! After hosting for so long, it's very tough to remember who has built what, however if you look hard enough and find something in v18 you built, consider this your kudos!
  • All the good folks over at tShock, from developers to plugin designers. Without the help of MarioE, Olink, & WhiteX(to only name a small few) 2Dforts! would not be possible, or fun. Thank you all for the many, many hours of time and effort you have put into making the game fun to play, and fun to host.
-Previous 2Dforts! Threads on TO-

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Wheres the pvp game modes from the previous versions, like CTF and TDM? Really miss them....
by Anonymouse on 09-23-2014

Still in the server :P by 2Dforts! (server staff)

Beware of Squishie and Minion, they're assholes. The server itself is great though. Very well planned out.
by Dakkaroth on 09-12-2014

I don't consider myself a long-time member of this server.  But in ways, I saw something on this server I didn't see on others.  It had a simple rank system and staff that talked much and were fun to be around.  The community was never too large, yet the limitation on the number of people playing was a blessing, bringing those who regularly joined a sense of belonging and pride.  The hopeful question should not be "if" it returns, but "when" it returns.  I will be waiting for those days to return.

HeeHee #truth #hashtag #COMEBACK #plz #prettyplz #Squishie'sBigHoletoHell

by stryker on 01-16-2014

Really cool, :D

by Sanic The Hudgehug on 11-09-2013

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