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Saybrook's Planet


Last Online November, 14 2018 This server has been offline for more then two weeks and is no longer being actively scanned by tserverweb.com. The server owner can login to fix this.
Saybrook's Planet is Back!

Here are some of our old features that our users have always loved:

-Leveling system from levels 1 to 120, gear requires proper levels. (Balanced according to gameplay!)

-Server Sided Characters, so that players feel accomplished when they have high levels with a character fully decked out!

-Ores refill throughout the world!

-Both corruption AND crimson biomes!

-Two dungeons, two jungles!

And for many of you who are returning, here are some improvements we've made!

-AUTOMATIC leveling, the only leveling command you need now is /exp, the all in one command to check your current level, current exp, and exp required to reach the next level!

-Permanent buffs for players who reach levels 50, 75, 100, 110 and 120!

-New economy system with a shop that allows you to buy items wherever you are on the world.!

-SMART notifications, telling you the required level to wield an item if you can not already wield it!

-A community-driven server wiki! (Currently under construction)

-Items drop from monsters! (Yes, that's right! Now you don't have to worry about not being able to get to chests!)

-Previously unobtainable drops (SDMG, Steampunker Wings) have been added to the drop table!

-Vote each day for an experience point boost!

-Server backed up on DropBox to keep your account data safe in case anything happens to go wrong!

Think this is too good to be true?
Join us and find out!

IP address shown in "uptime" is not static and is subject to change, however:
You can always connect using sbplanet.hopto.org:7777

You can also connect to chat with in-game players at sbplanet.weebly.com and navigating to the internet relay chat!

Please don't block our adverts, TServerWeb is free to use but we have servers to pay for too!

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