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Bippity's Server [24/7] [Survival][1.3.5]


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What Kind of Server is this?

Bippity’s Terraria Server was built with all players in mind and serves as an online semi-survival mode world, giving the players a “Do whatever you want” feeling. What this means is that, whether you are completely new to Terraria or you've been playing ever since the game’s release, nobody is left behind!

-New players can venture around with each other in the large, unexplored world as if they are playing on their own private server, becoming more experienced in the game with friends and others.

-Players who have “beaten” the game or don’t want to explore can go build their house/creations using our unlimited building materials that are provided, participate in gamemodes such as CTF, duels, Team Deathmatches, Nightly Boss battles, and more!

*The world will automatically become Hard/Expert mode during the weekends.

There is no specific purpose as to what you are supposed to do in this server.  In this server, you can “Explore, Build, Fight, and simply PLAY!”  All we want is for you to enjoy your time on our servers and have fun with Terraria.

What makes it so special?

  • Server-Sided Characters- What this means is that our server creates a Server Character for you. Everything you do on this server will stay only on this server, so even if you lose your old character on your computer, you'll stay the same when you revisit the server! 
  • An Awesome Staff-  From trusted members to developers and server owners, we ensure that our staff is well experienced and qualified to help run the server. They'll always be friendly and make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Always Improving- We actively seek to progress into a better server based on your suggestions and comments. This way, we can tailor our server to meet beyond your expectations and offer you the best experience that we can. Take a look at our Server Updates to see how we are constantly improving!

Exclusive Features
We have many custom-made plugins which offer features that you won't find on most Terraria servers. 

  • Building Protection- Pesky griefers will never get their way due to protective measures that are taken to prevent your house from being destroyed. Even if your house does get damaged, we are able to revert all damages and ban the griefer immediately.

  • Automatic Ranking- No need to ask for a promotion. Your server rank will be automatically promoted based on the time you've played on the server!

  • ServerShop/Economy System- We have our own unique currency system. Buy or sell any item in the ServerShop with BipCoins that you can get from slaying enemies or trading players! You can also spend your BipCoins on cool commands and many other things!

  • Chat from Anywhere- If you have an internet connection, you can join our Server Chat and chat with players inside the server without being in-game! 

  • Regenerating Resources- No need to worry about an empty world. Our dungeons/temples/farms regenerate themselves after a period of time, giving you an unlimited amount of loot and ores.

There is much more to what you see here and the only way to discover them all is to see it for yourself!
So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and join!

Want to see some gameplay?

Come check out one of our favorite Twitch Streamers who supports the server!


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Recent Comments

by yES on 07-18-2016

how do i join this server

by Omenlanier on 07-07-2016

You can join via IP or click the "join" button next to the server's name. by Bippity (server staff)

Love this server play most of the time my character's name is Nao PGD best server EVER!

by PcGoldDigger on 06-24-2015

I have a problem, i can't register on the server. WHen i use /register, it says to use .register, but when i do that absolutely nothing happens, when i try .login nothing also happens. PLs help?
by Jeff on 05-20-2015

Please do not use any modded clients. by Bippity (server staff)

I really like this server because they follow the SURVIVAL rules. Yet, it is still easy to craft items and everyone share if you ask for, but it is totally different from other servers who let you get items with commands or hacks. Survival servers are rare nowadays, we need to valorize the ones who still follow the Survival rules in game and not just the "Tag" to get players, because most just make free items and that is not the original purpose of Terraria. Survival means "adventure", and an adventure needs to be difficult. We have house/chest protection, staff online to get griefers/hackers, some interesting plugins like harder bosses and world regen, and map/character reset season to season, give it a try. And no apple-polisher here, I really dont go with the itemshop+bank plugin, but at least it is just command based, not a house full of items to pick and buy, in other words, few people know how to buy them. I know players always prefer easy items servers, but I do not, if you survive on the jungle, there is no shop there, you need to craft your life to survive. Anyway, I was searching a server like this for months, Bippity's Server is favorited :)

by SirAnd on 02-26-2015

Awesome server and great moderators, they're really kind. And when needed to, the server will update to fix things quickly!

I joined this server before I even started playing Single-Player and I love it. I made lots of good friends and good times. Everyone here is nice.
It's a good server in general, and still keeps the survival aspect to it.

by Josh, A fellow gamer who plays here on 02-19-2015

This server is Fun. I Enjoyed Testing its functions out to make it work. Its a cool server.

by Momocrisps on 11-17-2014

Please refrain from advertising on other servers or their websites.
However, I will still "Like" this server, b-but it's not like I'm d-doing this for you or anything! Baaka!
... actually now that I think about it, you can hardly call Tearbox another server, since you'd need... a server... to be... yeah....

by TotallyNotATearboxAdmin on 10-23-2014

lol, hey Test

Sad to see Tearbox go down... Had lots of plans with Antagonist and enjoyed the server/community. :'(
by Bippity (server staff)

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