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Welcome to the the Terraform Server!
Probably the biggest anarchy server on Terraria 1.4. World restarts happen bi-monthly. We got:
- Free item commands
- No banned weapons
- Almost nothing is off limits

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Recent Comments

Yeah, people like to crash the server when no one's awake.
by Jester on 01-03-2021

downtime insane for now.
by Anonymous on 12-28-2020

I was the 10,000 vote.
by PigUpYourNose on 05-26-2015

Yay! by Simon311 (server staff)

this server is the the best I even became bestdriend with someone 
by atonix on 03-21-2015

Is Dev Patch/tUnlocker Allowed
by TrantedFox on 12-26-2014

Sorry, no. by Simon311 (server staff)

can i summon mobs here ang build 

by Anonymouse on 09-29-2014

Yes, after registering and logging in you can summon some bosses (/smboss eye, /smboss king, /tsboss) and of course build in unprotected areas.
by Simon311 (server staff)

Most cool server ever

by summoner on 09-03-2014

Thanks! by Simon311 (server staff)


by Anonymouse on 09-01-2014

B4 i absolute love your sever im on it every day and i hope you can keep upgrading it<3 
by GallahaM8 on 07-31-2014

this is one of the best servers ever

you guys rule!!!!  



by seb mc on 12-23-2013

This server is Lefko Approved.
by Lefko on 11-22-2013

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