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Oz's Terraria No Rules Server: Ozz3b3t >rnOzz3b3t is an Anarchy Server that has No Rules with SSC's enabled. 3b3t Is based on the Minecraft Server, 2b2trn rn What SSC's are? >rnServer Side Characters is a special mechanism designed for Terraria servers that forces players to start with fresh characters when they join. This means they lose all of their items. This is purely server-side, though, it will not affect their actual Singleplayer character. Server Side Characters are what you need if you wish to prevent people from bringing in items from other servers and/or singleplayer and force them to start from scratch.rn rn Features >rn→ Safe Spawn - If you Die or Teleport to Spawn, You wont be Falling out or air.rn→ Modified Starting Inventory - Custom Starting Items such as a Grapple Hook etcrn→ Forced PVP - No one can See Your Location on the Maprn rn How to Join? >rn IP - ozz3b3t.comrn Port - 7778rn rn Links >rn Vote - https://terraria-servers.com/server/4238/rn

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