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WhunderWORLD ~ Dig it! 
Est. October 2012 - Returns in 2022!

Remember: You can pick your friends and you can pick your blocks, but you shouldn't picksaw your friends blocks!

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Recent Comments

I wish I can play again on this server as it's admin tier 3 but my PC is broken in many ways so I can't really join the server I played since I first set eyes on it,

By a random old admin

by Admin on 08-30-2018

We miss you! by IamUSER (server staff)

Amazing, simple, and easy to start. Friendly staff.
by Anonymous on 01-16-2018

Thank you :) by IamUSER (server staff)

Favorite Server Ever!
by Turtleboi on 11-22-2017

When will do you guys think when the server goes back up...?
by Anonymous on 12-01-2016

One of the Greatest Terraria Severs For a Long Time

by Jim..... on 02-03-2015

So many thankies! by IamUSER (server staff)

best servah EVAH play it 

by -.- Joker -.- on 12-01-2014

Best Server i played in years

by -.- Joker -.- on 11-24-2014

Best Server i played in years

by -.- Joker -.- on 11-24-2014


by OfficialRax on 10-24-2014


They have nice people, good ranking system, free items, excellent PvP, and an awesome owner!!

by madgeniusiii on 10-13-2014

by Anonymouse on 07-01-2014

by IamUSER on 06-20-2014

dis is da best server ever!

by the way its me user mudkip :D

by Anonymouse on 12-31-2013

Thanks man your awesome! by IamUSER (server staff)

Make this server 1.2.1 To :(
by Anoym#@$?!... on 11-03-2013

Server currently running by IamUSER (server staff)

by Anonymouse on 10-10-2013

First. Jokes aside, great server. Still in progress to get back to being great in the new version; though that will change soon.
by Karch on 10-03-2013

Thanks for the help Karch! by IamUSER (server staff)

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