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Vanilla cross-platform server for Terraria in master mode.The game features intricate boss battles, the various factions and their beneficial abilities, and more. You can play on this server from both a PC and a mobile phone. This server is still being developed by one person. Therefore I will be very grateful to you if you go to my server and play nem nogo then on this site in the discussions to share the idea of improving the server. It can also be done by writing to me in the game itself when I am online. My ingame nickname is Dante.

How to begin playing on the server?

The server has a registration system for characters. To register, open the game chat and enter /register (you must create a password to protect your game name.). To log in, open the game chat again and enter /login (along with your chosen password).

Before joining the server, please create a new character and survive with.

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