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Ghoztcraft Terraria Playground [Free Item Server]


Join our discord! https://discord.gg/r33v5qm

This is the Terraria server for the Ghoztcraft gaming community. The server is mostly lag free and not moderated! Users have access to commands to spawn mobs, units, and other fun stuff. A "do whatever you want" server!

You are welcome to use hacks or hacked clients here. Please do not annoy other players.

You can connect with: t.ghoztcraft.net

Coming Soon...

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Recent Comments

can you update to 1.3.5?
by Anonymous on 04-20-2017

sup my peoples I was just needing to know why the server has shut down? I'll donate how ever much it takes to get this server back and running because you guys are better then shadowrain and please message me what's going on at terrariawanderer@Gmail.com
by Terraria Wanderer on 04-08-2017

Just being lazy, you anyone can comment here to get my attention. :) by XGhozt (server staff)

Cant connect

by wixa on 12-16-2016

server seems to be down.

by Anonymous on 12-04-2016

Thanks for letting me know, it's fixed now. by XGhozt (server staff)

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