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Here you will find public and protected Terraria servers hosted by the Terraria community and fans. You can add and share your own Terraria server for free! Your Terraria server will appear at the top of server list after it has been added. If you want to manage your server from the web, register here!

  • host:
  • port: 7777
Rencorner Terraria! Free items, free build, minigames and more!
Max Players: 40 Visit Server Website
  • host:
  • port: 7777
The Laggest World
Terraria Server v.
TShock 4.4
Will be up 24/7

PS: TERRARIA.BY - the main server in RU

Max Players: 400 Visit Server Website
  • host:
  • port: 7777
Just a standard survival server. (its not really standard, and its online from when i wake up to when i get bored(and it appears offline but its not)) there are three rules; 1.No Griefing. 2.Dont be mean to other players. 3. Must Create a new character.
Max Players: 50
[TR]EMREOYUN.TK Mobile Network | FREE ITEMS | Build
  • host:
  • port: 7777
This server is public Mobile Network, which is you can connect all lobies from single server.
Use /servers to…
Max Players: 96 Visit Server Website
F- Terraria Server
  • host:
  • port: 41816
The F- Terraria Server
F- is a gaming community meant to let players of all skill level find a place and friends to play with. Server map is manually regenerated periodically to allow new loot and adventures. 
Join our community at 
Max Players: 255 Visit Server Website
  • host:
  • port: 6854
Max Players: 20
Anor's Kingdom
  • host:
  • port: 7777

NEVER OFFLINE! (Even if it says it is, it's NOT! It's ONLINE!)LARGEST MAP EVER MADE!__
OVER 600 WARPS!__ITEM COMMANDS!__SPAWN MOBS!__CREATIVE BUILDING!__EPIC PVP!__Most other servers have separate buildings, but this one has zones all connected so everything flows together. There are hundreds of castles, multiple underworld oceans, mines, aqueducts, jungle hell, hell…
Max Players: 100
Localhost Legends []
  • host:
  • port: 7777
Max Players: 200 Visit Server Website
Ghoztcraft Terraria Playground [Free Item Server]
  • host:
  • port: 7777
This is the Terraria server for the Ghoztcraft gaming community. The server is mostly lag free and not moderated! Users have access to commands to spawn mobs, units, and other fun stuff. A "do whatever you want" server!
You are welcome to use hacks or hacked clients here. Please do not…
Max Players: 15 Visit Server Website
  • host:
  • port: 7777
Max Players: 16

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